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  1. Yearly High Scholarship Award, 1986–87 (University of Washington).
  2. The Marilyn and Allen Johnson Memorial Scholarship, 1985–86 (University of Washington), 1986–87 (University of Washington), 1987–88 (Pomona College).
  3. The David L. Edwards Memorial Scholarship, for a Pomona student concentrating in English, 1988–89.
  4. Senior Exercise: Distinction, May 1989.
  5. Rotary Foundation Graduate Ambassadorial Scholar, Perth, Australia, 1993.
  6. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (from the University of Oxford) one week in 12/94 (for research at Harvard’s Widener Library on Henry James).
  7. A French government grant to study at the École Normale Supérieure, winter and spring 1995.
  8. Oxford University Scholarship for Overseas Students, 1991–92, Autumn 1992, Winter and Spring 1994, 1994–95.
  9. Overseas Research Student Award from the British government, Autumn 1992, Winter and Spring 1994, 1994–95.
  10. Paris (from the University of Oxford), one week 5/94, one week 5/96 (for research on Honoré de Balzac at the Balzac Research Center–the Maison de Balzac–and on “French theory” and writing).
  11. University of Oxford, UK, (from Charles University) one week stay for comparative cultural research in the Taylor Institution and in the Bodleian Library, 11/07 and 10/12.
  12. Universität Konstanz, Germany, two-week research stays as a visiting scholar (invite mediated by prof. Aleida Assmann): 1/04, 1/05, 1/06, 2/07, 2/08, 2/09 , 1/10, 1/11, 3-4/13, and 6/14.
  13. Paris, France (from Charles University), short stay for comparative cultural research at various institutions including the Library at the Roland Garros Museum, École de la cause Freudienne, & the École Normale Supérieure: 10/11, 10/13 and 10/15.
  14. University of Winchester, Winchester, UK, one-week stay on an Erasmus teacher-scholar exchange programme (invite from the Director of Internationalisation Alasdair Spark): 1/12, 1–2/13, 1–2/14, 3–4/16, 2/17 and 2/19.
  15. University of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel, one-week stay on a scholar exchange program (invited by prof. Shirley Sharon Zisser): 5/12.
  16. Seattle, Washington, USA (from Charles University) summer research stays 7/12–9/12, 6/13–8/13, 7/14–8/14, 7/15–9/15, 7/16–8/16, 7/17–8/17, and 7/18–8/18; for the lattermost four periods of time also Visiting Scholar at the English Department, University of Washington-Seattle officially 15 June–30 September 2015; invited by dr. Robert McNamara and the English Department chair prof. Brian M. Reed).  This Visiting Scholar status with library privileges (including online access) was extended from 1 June–30 June 2016, then to 30 September 2017, and again for 1 January–31 December 2018 and 1 January–31 December 2019.
  17. Five-Year University Visiting Research Fellowship, University of Winchester, Winchester, UK, 12/14–12/19.