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    1. 14 May 1999: Paper given “Authority, Interpretation and Economic Power of Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, XXth Paris James Joyce Colloquium, 14–15 May 1999. The general topic for this colloquium was “Cashcash caracktericksticks: Joycean Economics.” Venue: Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne and the École Normale Supérieure-Paris, France.
    2. 27 June 2000: Chaired a panel “Doors Opened Into Finnegans ”, and gave a paper on it – “Conceptual Intersections: Joyce’s Finnegans Wake,Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbowand Blanchot’s L’Écriture du désastre, XVIIth International James Joyce Symposium, Goldsmith’s College, London, UK, 24–30 June 2000.
    3. Gave a paper “Thomas Pynchon: The Global System and the Enlightenment” for a panel on “Mass Culture—Globalisation or Americanization?”, XXVIIth Congress of the Russian Society of American Culture Studies, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 30 November–7 December 2001.
    4. Paper given “Spinoza, Deleuze and Guattari: Notes Toward a Theater to Come” for an international seminar on Gender in Contemporary Drama, St. Petersburg, Russia, 6–9 December 2001. Venue: Znamenka Palace.
    5. Paper proposal “Between Deleuze’s Différence et répétition and Blanchot’s L’Écriture du désastre” was accepted for a panel on “Deleuzian Moves” at the 26th Annual International Association for Philosophy and Literature Conference on INTERMEDIALITIES, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Holland, 3–8 June 2002 but I was unable to attend for funding fell through from my Prague source. Invited speakers: Mr. Peter Greenaway and prof. Luce Irigiray.
    6. 17 June 2002: Chaired a panel “Joyce, Deleuze and Nancy” and gave a paper on it – “Excessive Baroque Thresholds: Joyce’s Wake and Deleuze’s The Fold, XVIIIth International James Joyce Symposium, Trieste, Italy, 16–22 June 2002.
    7. 10 October 2003: Presentation given “Blanchot and Pynchon: Intermediaries for a New Narrative Space”, 9th Constance-Prague- Workshop: Mediators and Go-Betweens, 10–11 October 2003, Universität Konstanz, Germany.
    8. 17 June 2004: Chaired a panel “Finnegans Wake at 65: 1939–2004” and gave a paper on it “Joyce’s Finnegans Wake: A Critical and Aesthetic Joy Machine for the Twenty-First Century”, XIXth International James Joyce Symposium, National College of Ireland, Dublin, 12–19 June 2004.
    9. 12 November 2004: A lecture “Jean-Luc Nancy, Being-in-Common and the Absent Semantics of Myth” given at an international conference of the ACUME project, “Mythologies, Foundation Texts and Imagined Communities, Prague, Czechia, 5–7 November 2004.
    10. 3 February 2006: A lecture given “Cinematic Movement within Orson Welles’s Mr Arkadin/Confidential Report (1955) for a Newly Armed Eye”, 8th Brno Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, 2–4 February 2005.
    11. 6 June 2005: A presentation “Chiasmatic Interventions: Deleuze’s Post-modern ‘Time-Image’ and Orson Welles’s Late Medieval Chimes at Midnight (1966)” given for a panel on “Deleuze and Cinema”, 29th annual conference of the International Association of Philosophy and Literature”, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2–7 June 2005.
    12. Gave a ninety-minute talk “Heretical Capital: Walter Benjamin’s Cultic Status in Cultural and Theoretical History”, 12th Colloquium of American Studies” on “Cult Fictions, Film and Happenings”, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czechia, 5–9 September 2005. Plenary lecturer: prof. Werner Sollors, Harvard University.
    13. 14 May 2006: Delivered a paper “The Necessary Patience and Strangeness of Finnegans Wake, XLVIe Congrès de la SAES, 12–14 May 2006, Université de Nantes, Nantes, France.
    14. 7 June 2006: Gave a paper “The Mediatization of German Expressionist Cinema and the Politics of Filmic Transposition: Fritz Lang’s Die Nibelungen (The Ring, 1924)”, 30th annual conference of the International Association of Philosophy and Literature, Universität Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany, 5–10 June 2006.
    15. 15 June 2006: Chaired a panel “Finnegans Wake II” and gave a 30-minute paper “A Baroque Tack on Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, XXth International James Joyce Symposium, Budapest University (Eötvös Loránd Univ., ELTE), Budapest-Szombathely, Hungary, 11–17 June 2006.
    16. 29 August 2006: Gave a paper “James, Nancy and the Concept of Freedom” for a panel “James, Post-structurality and After”, ESSE–8, Senate House, London, UK, 29 August–2 September 2006; other participants: prof. Annick Duperray (Convener, Provence), prof. Cornelius Crowley (Paris 10) and prof. Adrian Harding (Provence).
    17. 13 October 2006: Gave a talk “Walter Benjamin, Guy Debord and the Realization of Politicized Spectrality”, 10th Constance-Prague-Workshop: Spirits, Spectres, Ghosts, 13–14 October 2006, Universität Konstanz, Germany.
    18. 5 June 2007: Gave a paper “Layering Dizziness; or, The Cinema of Buster Keaton” for the 31st annual conference of the International Association of Philosophy and Literature, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, 4–9 June 2007.
    19. 26 June 2007: Gave a paper on “Gothic Components and Gothic Globality of Balzac’s Early-Style Le Centenaire; ou, Les Deux Béringhelds [The Centenarian; or, The Two Beringhelds, trans. 2005] for the International Gothic Association “Gothic N.E.W.S.” conference at Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I), France, 25–29 June 2007.
    20. 19 October 2007: Gave a paper Niklas Luhmann & Forms of the Baroque Modern; or: Structure, System, & Contingency” for ‘Section 1: Theories of Structure and their Transformations’ on 18–19 October 2007 for a conference on “Prague School and Theories of Structure”; Charles University-Prague, 18–21/10 2007.
    21. 25 October 2007: Gave a paper “The Social and the Negative: >F.W. Murnau’s Der Letzte Mann (The Last Laugh, 1924) and Walter Benjamin’s ‘Angelus Novus’”; “The Landscape without Qualities: Literature and Central Europe” at the Department of Czech and Comparative Literature, Faculty of Arts, Charles University-Prague, & at the Austrian Cultural Forum, 23–25 October 2007. Proceedings to be published in book form in honor of prof. Peter Demetz’s (Yale University) 85th Birthday.
    22. 17 June 2008: Gave a paper “An Unconscious & Ultra-Modern Philosophical Baroque; or, Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (1939), Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu (1922), & the Energies of Cosmic Systems of Bataille’s Atheology & General Economy” for a panel chaired by prof. Barry McCrae (Yale University) on the subject of ‘Joyce and Proust’ at the 21st International James Joyce Symposium, 15–20 June 2008, Tours, France.
    23. 12 July 2008: Gave a paper “The Unconscious Monad of James, of Benjamin, & of Blanchot’s The Book to Come (Le livre à venir, 1959)” for a conference on the topic area of ‘Jamesian Strands’ at the Third International Conference of the Henry James Society at Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island, 9–13 July 2008.
    24. 9 September 2008: Gave a paper “Forms and Structures of Silence and Movement of Terrence Malick’s Badlands (1974)” for a conference on the subject of ‘America in Motion’ at the Olomouc International Symposium of American Studies, 7–10 September 2008, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czechia.
    25. 10 October 2008: Gave a paper on “Catastrophe, Allegory & & Philosophical Baroque: Benjamin/Lacan & Joyce/Pynchon at the 12th Constance-Prague-Workshop: Culture and Crisis, Universität Konstanz, Germany, 10–11 October 2008.
    26. 3 April 2009 gave a paper on “The Philosophical Baroque; or, James, Benjamin, Blanchot, & the Fold” for the First Annual Conference of the European Henry James Society. The American University of Paris, 3–5 April 2009. “Henry James’s Europe: Cultural reappropriations, transtextual relations”.
    27. 3 June 2009 gave a paper on “Cinema & Philosophy: Time & Memory in Alain Resnais’s Muriel (1965) & Providence (1976)” for the 33rd annual conference of the International Association of Philosophy and Literature, University of West Brunel, London, UK, 2–7 June 2009.
    28. 13 November 2009: Gave a paper “The Dialectics of Existence & Creation; The Real of Invisible Man (1952)” at the 16th Olomouc Colloquium of American Studies, Black Odyssey Continued, 12–14 November 2009, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czechia.
    29. 4 February 2010: Gave a paper “The Dramatism and Folds of Desire’s Discontents: Welles, Lacan, and Shakespeare’s King Lear at a panel I convened on “Cinema and Critical Theory” at the 9th Conference of English and American Studies, “Diversification and its Discontents: Dynamics of the Discipline”, Masaryk University, 2–4 February, Brno, Czechia.
    30. 16 June 2010 gave a paper “Notes Toward a More Pure General Community & Dramatic General Economy of Derrida’s Glas (1974) & of Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (1939)” at a panel I convened on “Post-structuralist Peregrinations” at the 22nd International James Joyce Symposium, Charles University, 13–19 June 2010, Prague, Czechia.
    31. 24 September 2010 gave a paper “The Unconscious, Athletic Identity, & a Whole Galaxy on Stage; or, the 1984 French Open Final McEnroe vs. Lendl” for  a panel on “The Self, Action & the Unconscious”at a Colloquium at Metropolitan University-Prague on “Nations, Cultures, Individuals & Their Limits”, 24–25 September 2010, Prague, Czechia.
    32. 21 July 2011 gave a presentation “Towards Another Globality to Come; or, The Folds of Desire’s (Dis)Contents of Welles, of Lacan & of Shakespeare’s King Lear for a seminar on “Global Shakespeare”, 9th World Shakespeare Congress, 17–22 July 2011, Prague, Czechia.
    33. 5 November 2011 gave a presentation on “A Rhetoric of Jacques Lacan & of Niklas Luhmann” at the 14th Prague-Constance workshop at Constance 4–5 November on “Violence and Representation”. Constance, Germany.
    34. 14 May 2012 gave a paper “The Dance Between Existence, Creation & the Commons in Dante’s Commedia, Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground & Ellison’s Invisible Manfor a conference on “Reading a Symptom: Literary and Psychoanalytical Perspectives”, 14 May 2012, University of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel.
    35. 1 June 2012 gave a presentation “Expression, the Fold & the Spinozan Opportunity of Existence qua Deleuze” for a special symposium “Deleuzian Futures: expression, indifference, event, fold”, William Watkin, chair (other panel members include Dany Nobus and Sean Bowden) at the 36th IAPL Conference ‘Archaeologies of the Future: tracing memories / imagining spaces’, 28 May–3 June, Tallinn, Estonia, Plenary speakers included the philosopher Jacques Rancière.
    36. 10 November 2012 gave a presentation “A Fully-Fledged Reality: James Scott Connors vs. Ivan Lendl at the 1982 & 1983 U.S. Tennis Open Men’s Finals” for the 16th Prague-Constance workshop on “Violence and Representation”, 9–10 November 2012, Charles University, Prague, Czechia.
    37. 22 June 2014 gave a paper “An Aesthetic & Ethical Revolutionary on the U.S.-American Road: Theodor W. Adorno in Los Angeles & in New York, 1938-53″ for an international conference “A View from Elsewhere”, 20–22 June 2014, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic
    38. 21 November 2014 gave a paper “Money & Power; or, Radical Materialism in James & Balzac” for a conference on ‘Money, Power, Representations in the Americas & in Europe, Paris Ouest Nanterre, 20–22 November 2014. Paris, France.
    39. 7 February 2015 gave a paper “Spirits of the Self & of the Family Universe in Selected U.S. Literature” for the 10th Brno Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies, ‘Creating Shaping Signifying’, 5–7 February 2015, Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia.
    40. 20 x 2016 gave a paper “The Anti-Modern James, Balzac, and Barthes” for a panel on “French Connections II: Historical Dialectics” at the third international conference of the European Society of Jamesian Studies, for a panel on “Historical Dialectics II”, “Reading James in the Twenty-First Century: Heritage and Transmission”, The American University of Paris, 20–22 x 2016, Paris, France.
    41. 1 iv 2017 gave a paper “Hegel, Shakespeare, and Forms of the World Spirit” for a one-day symposium on “Hegel and Shakespeare”, 1 April 2017 that took place as part of the Kingston Shakespeare Seminar (KiSS), Kingston University, London. This event was held at the Garrick’s Temple, Hampton. The other speakers for the event were Jennifer Bates, Ewan Fernie, Simon Haines, Paul Kottman and Joe Moshenska. The event was followed with a performance of Chamber Music, “The Music of the World Spirit” from the Abel Quartet in the Temple (Haydn, Mozart, Devienne). Hampton, London, UK.
    42. 13 iv 2018 gave a paper “Languages of Capital, Desire and Power in Balzac and James” for a conference on “Balzac et L’Angleterre” / “Balzac and England” at the Maison Française d’Oxford, 12–14 April 2018. Invited to participate by dr. Tim Farrant (Fellow and Reader in French) Pembroke College, University of Oxford. Oxford, UK. *See also under Stand Alone/Invited Guest Lectures section.
    43. 12 iv 2023 gave a paper “On the Artwork as Transitional Event” for a one-day workshop/conference on, “Art as an event in post-heideggerian discourse”, Keynote speaker, Claude Romano, Paris-Sorbonne, Institute of Philosophy, SAS, v.v.i., 12 iv 2023, Bratislava, Slovakia.


(XXI) Participant at an International Colloquium/Colloque international on “Perspectives proustienns/Proustian Perspectives”, 23–24 iii 2023, Prague, Czechia. Speakers include Antoine Compagnon (de l’Académie française, est professeur émérite de Littérature française moderne et contemporaine au Collège de France et Blanche W. Knopf Professor of French and Comparative Literature, Columbia University).

(XX) Participant at an International Conference, “Machiavelli and Contemporary Politics”, 15–16 xi 2019, Prague, Czechia. Speakers include Jeffrey Green (University of Pennsylvania), Lawrence Hamilton (University of Cambridge), and Yves Winter (McGill University).

(XIX) Participant at an International Conference on Plato’s Gorgias, XIIth Symposium Platonicum Pragense, 13–15 xi 2019, Vila Lanna, V Sadech 1, Prague, Czechia. Speakers include Frisbee Sheffield (University of Cambridge).

(XVIII) Participant at an International Conference, “Phenomenology and Personal Identity II”, 8–9 xi 2019, Venues Jana Palacha 2 and AKC Husova 4A, Organized by Charles University, Prague, Faculty of Arts. Speakers include Steven Crowell, Rice University, USA and Dan Zhahavi, University of Copenhagen, Denmark / University of Oxford, UK.

(XVII) 30 x 2019: Participant and respondent at an event from Meet Factory / Display, Prague, Czechia. Invitation accepted to take part in the public screening and informal post-film discussion / debate with Prof Nick Nesbitt, Princeton University (USA) on the Film / Project entitled Poems from Which We Have Learned, dir. Ivana Momčilović  (with the work of Jacques Rancière as a source of inspiration for the film). Introduced by John Hill and invited by Ivana Momčilović (thanks to Jacques Rancière’s shout out).

(XVI) Participant at an International Conference, “Hellenism, Early Judaism and Early Christianity: Transmission and Transformation of Ideas”, 12–13 ix 2019, Vila Lanna, V Sadech 1, Prague 6, Prague, Czechia. Keynote speakers: Daniel Boyarin (University of California, Berkeley), Anders Klostergaard Petersen (University of Aarhus) and Ilaria L.E. Ramelli (University of Oxford).

(XV) Participant at an International Conference, “Dialectics Returns”, 12 September 2019, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czechia. Speakers include Agon Hamza (Institute of Philosophy, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) and Nick Nesbitt (Princeton University).

(X–XIV) Participant at American Studies Day at the American Cultural Center of the U.S. Embassy, 13 iii 2015, 4 iii 2016, 10 iii 2017, 16 iii 2018, and 15 iii 2019, Prague, Czechia.

(IX) Participant at the 7th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science, 22–24 ix 2016, Prague, Czechia. Hosted by The Czech Society for the History of Sciences and Technology and Charles University.

(VIII) Participant and gave a short presentation, “The Basic Constellation of American Cultural-Studies at Charles University in Prague” at American Studies Day at the American Cultural Center of the U.S. Embassy in Prague, 28 ii 2014, Prague, Czechia.

(VII) Participant at UNYP 2010 Symposium Meeting Crisis with Wisdom: Charting our way forward in politics, business, finance, law & education. 8 x 2010 at the New York University in Prague Center. Prague, Czechia.

(VI) Delegate at the international conference on “Lacan Today”, 3–5 v 2010, University College, London, UK.

(V) Respondent for a two-day long seminar on “Constructing Cultural Identity: Discourse, Performance, Fiction” 5–6 February at the 9th Conference of English and American Studies, “Diversification and its Discontents: Dynamics of the Discipline”, Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia. 4–6 ii 2010.

(IV) Attended “The European Colloquia: The New Equilibria in the World Economy” 30 xi 2006, Žofín Palace, Prague, Czech Republic: speakers include James Heckman (Nobel Laureate in Economics, 2000), Joseph E. Stiglitz, Columbia University (Nobel Laureate in Economics, 2001, Advisory Committee at CERGE-Prague) and Edward C. Prescott (Nobel Laureate in Economics 2004).

(III) Discussant for the topic, “Uses of Periodization: Beyond Positivist History, ‘Structure of Development’ and ‘Horizon of Expectation’”, at a Meeting of the European Network for Reception Studies, Charles University; keynote lecture “History without Periods: Dilemma or Deliverance?”, prof. Randolph Starn, History Department, University of California-Berkeley, Prague, Czechia, 7 x 2006.

(I–II) As a graduate student at the University of Oxford attended two conferences in London, UK: one on Intertextuality (Michael Riffaterre, Columbia University gave one keynote address and Ann Jefferson, University of Oxford, gave another talk), and another second event on Michel Foucault.


  1. Participated on a “Teaching Joyce” panel, XVIth International James Joyce Symposium, Rome, Italy, 14–20 June 1998. Venue: University of Rome.


  1. 2 February 2005: “Poetry I”, 8th Brno Conference of English,American and Canadian Studies, 2–4 February 2005, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.
  2. 18 June 2010: “Joyce with Heidegger” 22nd International James Joyce Symposium, Prague, Czechia, 13–19 June 2010. Venue: Charles University in Prague.
  3. 7 February 2015: “C19 & early C20 Literature: Whitman, Hawthorne, James”, 10th Brno Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies, ‘Creating Shaping Signifying’, 5–7 February 2015, Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia.