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Invited Appointments


  1. Taught six sessions only as a guest professor for a seminar “Readings in Czech/Bohemian Culture: Kafka, Kundera and Hrabal,” Charles University-Prague (American Institute of Foreign Study), Summer semester, 2001.
  2. Taught five sessions only as a guest professor for a seminar “Readings in Czech/ Bohemian Culture: Kafka, Hrabal and Klima,” Charles University-Prague (American Institute of Foreign Study), Winter semester, 2001.
  3. Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis (College of Jerome of Prague), Prague, Czechia, taught a single class only as invited international guest professor, “Literature and Philosophy of the Late Austro-Hungarian Empire” 9/04–12/04.
  4. Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I), Aix-en-Provence, France, elected into a Visiting Professorship (“Professeur Invité, 2nd class, 5th echelon, index 820″) May 2005 only.
  5. CERGE-EI and the School of Humanities at Charles University, Professor in the ‘Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies’ (UPCES), selected semesters only to teach and/or to tutor Independent Study in the subjects of Central European Cultural History, Central European Cinema, Kafka, and Psychoanalysis & Cultural-Studies; 39 courses total including regular seminars (35) as well as independent study classes (4). U.S. students from top-level Canadian, U.S. and U.K. institutions (Columbia, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, McGill, Michigan, Middlebury, Princeton, Oxford, Pennsylvania, Swarthmore, Tulane, Wesleyan, Yale, etc.) as well as from Charles University. Recent and forthcoming courses: “Lines of Light: Central European Cinema” Spring semester 2014 (overall evaluation 4.0/5), “Kafka in Prague” Spring semester 2012 (overall evaluation 4.0/5), Fall semester 2015, Spring semester 2016 (overall evaluation 4.3/5), Fall semester 2016 (overall evaluation 4.23/5), Fall semester 2017 (overall evaluation 4.1/5), Spring semester 2018, Fall semester 2018 (overall evaluation 4.3/5), Spring semester 2019, Fall semester 2019, Fall semester 2022 (overall evaluation 4.5/5), and Spring semester 2024; “Psychoanalysis and Cultural-Studies” Spring semester 2012 (overall evaluation 4.3/5), Fall semester 2012, Spring semester 2013 (overall evaluation 4.1/5), Fall semester 2013, Spring semester 2014, Fall semester 2014, Fall semester 2015, Spring semester 2016, Spring semester 2017 (overall evaluation 4.3/5), Fall semester 2017, Spring semester 2018, Fall semester 2018 (overall evaluation 4.3/5), Spring semester 2019, Fall semester 2019, Fall semester 2022 (overall evaluation 4.3/5), Spring semester 2023 (overall evaluation 4.2/5), Fall semester 2023, and Spring semester 2024.
    Independent Study: “Psychoanalysis & Cultural-Studies” Spring semester 2015 (w/1 student, overall evaluation 5.0/5.0), Fall semester 2016 (w/4 students, overall evaluation 4.88/5). “Central European Film, Photography, & Psycho-Analysis” Spring semester 2011 (overall evaluation 4.9/5) and “Czech New Wave & New German Cinema (Das Neue Kino)” Fall semester 2010 (overall evaluation 4.8/5).
  6. ECES-Charles University taught selected semesters (5) the subject of international cinema (students attended my course held concomitantly at FAMU) from 2007–10.
  7. University of New York-PragueCOURSES (5) : ‘Great Books’ Fall 2009 and Spring 2011 (2). ‘Composition 2 ’ Spring 2011 (1). ‘The Rise of the West’ Summer 1 (intensive course), 2010 (1). ‘American Literature & Culture’ Fall 2010 (1). SEMINARS (4) : ‘Introduction to Literature’ (seminar) Fall 2010 and Fall 2011 (2). ‘Analysis and Interpretation of Literature’ (seminar) Fall 2010 (1). ‘Introduction to Literary Modernism’ (seminar) Fall 2011 (1). DIRECTED INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSES (12) : ‘Adorno & Critical Theory’ 6–8/2011 (4 students). ‘The Short Story’ 2–5/2012 (2 students). ‘US Literature, 1870–1945’ 2–5/2012 (1 student). ‘The Great American Novel’ 6–7/2012 (2 students). ‘American Poetry’ 10/2012–1/2013 (2 students). ‘History of English Language’ 10/2012–1/2013 (2 students). ‘Introduction to Literature’ 10/2012–1/2013 (2 students). ‘American Poetry’ 2–5/2013 (2 students). ‘American Literature : 1600–1865’ 2–5/2013 (3 students). ‘Analysis and Interpretation of Literature’ 9/2013–1/2014 (2 students). ‘History of the English Language’ 9/2-13–1/2014 (1 student). ‘Introduction to Literary Modernism’ 9/2013–1/2014 (1 student).
  8. Five-Year University Visiting Research Fellowship, University of Winchester, Winchester, UK, 12/14–12/19 and Three-Year Renewal, University Visiting Research Fellowship, University of Winchester, 10/2020–10/2023. My predecessor is the British literary scholar of medieval literature, Tom Shippey (Ph.D. Cantab.).
  9. Affiliate Associate Professor formerly Visiting Scholar, English Department, University of Washington-Seattle, for comparative cultural research (invited by dr. Robert McNamara, prof. Brian M. Reed, Chair) officially 15 June–30 September, 2015 and invited again from dr. McNamara and prof. Reed for 1 June–30 September 2016. This Visiting Scholar status with library privileges (including online access) was extended to 30 September 2017 and again for: 1 January–31 December 2018 and from prof. Anis Bawarshi, Acting Chair, 1 January–15 September 2019. The English Department faculty voted in a quorum in May 2019 to change my status to Affiliate Associate Professor, which is a higher rank. This new status has now been approved by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences as effective from 16 September 2019. * cf. ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS and AWARDS/GRANTS above.