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Published Books


  1. The Dialectics of Late Capital and Power: James, Balzac and Critical Theory. 1 July 2007. Cambridge Scholars Publishing (UK). This tome conceptualizes the vanguard concepts of ‘un-power’ and of ‘un-money’ and illumines the relational configurations and dialectical connectedness between various types of capital and power (including, but not limited to, the complicity of the cultural form of the novel with social mechanisms of power) by engaging with selected narratives by Henry James and his grand literary model, Honoré de Balzac.
    Dust jacket: a Georg Jensen designed silver bowl from 1912.
    ISBN 1-84718-226-7
    220 x 150 (mm)
    UK: £34.99, US: $52.99.
    Backcover blurbs from: 1) Stephen A. Erickson, Professor of Philosophy and the E. Wilson Lyon Chair of Humanities, Pomona College 2) Alision Finch, Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge 3) Henry B. Wonham, Professor of English, University of Oregon.